A book to provide inspiration to anyone who dreams of doing their own thing.

Sir Chris Bonington, Mountaineer and Author

O’Brien’s story is deep in insight and observation. An impressive read.

Peter Hillary, Chairman of the Himalayan Trust

Brutally honest, beautifully crafted, an inspirational account of an almost impossible journey.

Neil Laughton, Chairman, Scientific Exploration Society

Daring, inspiring, and altogether thrilling, a human’s capacity for denying her age, her gender, or her trauma to determine her limits.

Mary Garner Rees, Writer

A female writer who is unapologetic, honest and isn’t bent on being a victim or a hero.

Jane (Bromet) Courage, Scott Fischer’s former publicist

Readers will devour O’Brien’s sensational, electrifying tale.

Publishers Weekly, Book Review

How someone can push themselves time and time again. A truly inspiring book.

Miles Young, Warden of New College, Oxford

Vanessa’s qualities are truly akin to those Ernest Shackleton listed over a century ago.

Alexandra Shackleton, granddaughter of Sir Ernest Shackleton

To The Greatest Heights is a modern-day version of Dick Bass’s book, but on steroids. A must read.

Jim Clash, Forbes adventure journalist

A saga of physical and psychological pain and determination. A treat to read.

Masood Aslam, (Ret) Lt-General Pakistan Army

O’Brien’s warm, witty voice will bring a wide audience to her world-class adventures.

Kirkus, Book Review

A rare mix of adventure and self-reflection by one of America’s finest mountaineers.

Johanna Garton, Author, Edge of the Map

Thank you for creating this this thrilling read.

Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, Actress/artist, granddaughter of Grace Kelly

To know that there is a path to overcoming the worst of what happens to us, whatever our age.

The Bookseller, Book Review