I was not giving up. Not this time. Not next time. Not ever.

A book to provide inspiration to anyone who dreams of doing their own thing.

Sir Chris Bonington, Mountaineer and Author

O’Brien’s story is deep in insight and observation. An impressive read.

Peter Hillary, Chairman of the Himalayan Trust

Brutally honest, beautifully crafted, an inspirational account of an almost impossible journey.

Neil Laughton, Chairman, Scientific Exploration Society

Daring, inspiring, and altogether thrilling, a human’s capacity for denying her age, her gender, or her trauma to determine her limits.

Mary Garner Rees, Writer

A female writer who is unapologetic, honest and isn’t bent on being a victim or a hero.

Jane (Bromet) Courage, Scott Fischer’s former publicist

Readers will devour O’Brien’s sensational, electrifying tale.

Publishers Weekly, Book Review

How someone can push themselves time and time again. A truly inspiring book.

Miles Young, Warden of New College, Oxford

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In her debut, O’Brien deftly spins the story of how she lost her high-powered corporate job and decided to climb Mount Everest.

Throughout the book, the author provides well-fleshed characterizations of guides, fellow travelers (some of whom become dear friends, some total jerks), and one fine fellow she calls Spousey. O’Brien teaches us about the tedium involved in the process of acclimatizing to high altitudes, spending months in base camps hiking up and down, and she parcels out the painful details of her childhood at the hands of careless parents.

O’Brien’s warm, witty voice will bring a wide audience to her world-class adventures.

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